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Promote Your Brand in Online Pop-up Shops

Be featured in world-leading e-shops, online magazines, and influencers blogs - and put your brand right where it counts.

Launch a Digital Pop-up Shop

Spotango Digital offer you a chance to be promoted in leading
online sites, that will pick your brand and add it to their digital
pop-up shops. It's like "ads" - but selective and much more valuable.

  • Online Shops
  • Blogs
  • Magazines

You are Three Steps From Launching

In just 10 minutes you can build your Spotango profile and scroll between hundreds of online publishers who look for brands like yours for their digital pop-up shops promotions.

  • Add your products
  • Select your favorite shop and request to be promoted
  • You will get real-time results in your dashboard

Pricing Models That Works

Each publisher who uses Spotango for launching digital pop-up shops in its site select a unique pricing models that works best for both sides. You will be charged on clicks, views or daily rent, and by that you will get a clear chance on reaching new audiences at no-time in the most cost effective way out there.

  • Pay Per Day
  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per 1000 Views

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Looking to Monetize Your Online
Shop or Website?

Sign-up and get starts with spotango digital - select the brands you love and generate income according yo a veriety of procong models, that suits you